Enduro Triathlon at Mon Repos 27th April 2014

Bargara Triathlon Club's Triathlon Enduro Event at Mon Repos 27th April 2014


Join Bargara Triathlon Club for the Enduro Triathlon at Mon Repos on Sunday 26 April 2015. The Enduro Triathlon at Mon Repos will be open to all ages (from 7 years and above) and competition levels. We encourage you to participate in this event.

What is an Triathlon?

A Triathlon is a multi-sport event – it has a swim leg followed by a cycle leg and has a run leg at the end.  The Turtles and Give It a Try will complete a standard triathlon. In an Enduro Triathlon one does the three legs of the triathlon two times.  i.e. swim/cycle/run/swim/cycle/run.  This will be the format for the Sprint Triathlon.

Who Can Enter?

We have 3 levels of entry for this years event. You can either enter as an individual in the Turtles or Give It A Try or Sprint  events or two or three people can form a team and participate in the Give It A Try or Sprint events, where each member completes one leg of the triathlon in a relay format. The age restrictions for the different formats are as follows:

Individual Events

  • Turtles: 7-12 year olds
  • Give It a Tri (GIAT): 13 year olds +
  • Enduro Triathlon: 14 year olds +

Team Events

  • Give It a Tri (GIAT): 12 year olds +
  • Enduro Triathlon: 13 year olds +

Where is the Enduro Triathlon at Mon Repos held?

At Mon Repos Beach, Registration is at 6:00am. The Event Briefing is at 6:30am.

Turtle Event Start: 7:00am, Distances: 100m / 3km / 500m, Laps: 1 / 1 / 1;

GIAT Event Start: 7:20am, Distances: 400m / 9km / 2.5km, Laps: 1 / 3 /1;

Enduro Event Start: 8:10am, Distances: (400m / 9km / 2.5km) x 2, Laps: 1 / 3 /1 /1 /3 / 1;


As a not-fo-profit organisation, our events are priced to cover the costs of holding the event.  Check under the Events drop down menu for Event Pricing.  The price to enter a triathlon will be listed there.